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Our apprentices

Although the Sonic Training Academy is new, we have put lots of people through all sorts of apprenticeships, including the biomedical science degree. Here are a few of our trainees who are at different stages of their training.


Apprentice: Holly

Holly started her apprenticeship in 2022 and will graduate in 2026. Holly is currently working in one of our histology laboratories. Holly was considering how to progress in her current role and the apprenticeship was suggested by her manager who then introduced her to a colleague working through the apprenticeship. She could see that it was not only a great opportunity but was a well-supported process.

“It’s been really good to have other people doing the degree as well, we can support each other as we are all working through the same thing!”


Apprentice: Peter

Peter started his apprenticeship in 2020, will graduate in 2024 and is currently working in one of our haematology laboratories.

Peter was working as an associate practitioner in the Cancer Centre and wanted to have more insight into the work he was doing. He has a double distinction in his BTEC in Applied Science (Medical Science) which is quite an achievement, but was keen to develop his knowledge and be able to do more in the laboratory. The degree was the natural next step in his career progression.

“I have wanted to advance my career for a while and when the opportunity arose to do the apprenticeship, I jumped at the chance!”


Apprentice: Renzyl

Renzyl started her apprenticeship in 2020 and will graduate in 2024. Renzyl is currently working in one of our histology laboratories and started off as an MLA but wanted to grow her knowledge and skill by becoming a Biomedical Scientist. The degree apprenticeship offered the perfect opportunity to get the necessary qualifications whilst still working in in pathology.

“I knew it would be challenging, but I’ve had great support all the way through. Seeing what I’m learning at uni in practice has really helped me understand the subject.”


Apprentice: Vincenzo

Vincenzo completed his apprenticeship in 2021 and is now working with us as a Biomedical Scientist in our Biochemistry laboratory at UCH.

Having worked in a laboratory for many years, he wanted to take on more responsibility and be part of the team who were running the analysers and reviewing patient results. The apprenticeship allowed him to overcome a lack of formal science degree which had previously prevented him from becoming a biomedical scientist and gave him the right support, space and time to complete his studies.

“There’s no way I could have done the degree by myself, this has allowed me to reach what I’ve been I’ve aiming for the last five years!”