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Our speakers

It is a privilege to have some of our own colleagues, who are all specialists in their subject areas, speaking to fascinating topics, including education and ISO standards. Below is a schedule of the days and times they will be speaking so that you don’t miss out!


Monday 25 September, 3.45pm – 4.05pm
Thursday 28 September, 10.30am – 10.50am

Development & Introduction of ISO 15189:2022

Dr David Ricketts, Head of Laboratory Process Improvement

This lecture will provide context as to the intent behind the new version of ISO15189. It will cover how and why the standard has been written in the current format.

As David is a member of the drafting team, there will be the opportunity to ask questions on the new standard and get a response from someone at the heart of this version.

Tuesday 26 September, 4.00pm – 4.30pm

Key skills for a supervisory role

Dr David Ricketts, Head of Laboratory Process Improvement

There is a tendency to promote staff into supervisory roles and then allow them to find their feet on their own as they are faced with managing staff and taking on more responsibility. Departments tend to be very good at training these supervisors on how to perform tasks such as rotas, overtime payments, etc., but assume they have the necessary skills to manage and lead staff.

Often, these supervisors look to role models from managers they have worked with or for the TV (The Apprentice *shudder*) to help them develop their interpersonal skills. Sonic Healthcare UK has recognised this as an opportunity to help with the development of all grades and has a novel training programme to aid in supporting management and leadership skills. This will be discussed in this lecture.

Wednesday 27 September, 10.30am – 11.00am

HR and OH departments – How to work with them to achieve the best results

Wendy Leversuch, Head of Learning and Development 

Wednesday 27 September, 2.30pm – 3.00pm

What is ISO 22367 and how can it help the laboratory comply with the risk requirements of ISO15189?

Dr David Ricketts, Head of Laboratory Process Improvement